403 Forbidden returned on requests using PHP library

(Neil Vicente Acero) #1

My codes stopped working suddenly. Upon investigation, I found out that API requests made using the PHP library are returning a 403 Forbidden status.

Case in point, creating a checkout fails and returns an invalid checkout URL.

Here’s a simpler version of my code.

setting debug to true yields this result

Can you please help?

(Neil Vicente Acero) #2

It looks like my company dev server’s IP is blocked by the API endpoint. I have sent an email to support@dwolla.com instead

(Muhammad Saad Rashid) #3


We’ve integrated Dwolla into our application mainly for mass payouts.

We’ve used Dwolla PHP library (https://github.com/Dwolla/dwolla-php) to communicate to Dwolla’s API, and currently testing mass payouts in a sandbox environment.

Everything was working fine until last week, but now the API returns ‘403 forbidden’ response.

The endpoint we are trying to hit is https://uat.dwolla.com/oauth/rest/balance/ along with query strings oauth_token=, basically we need to get balance before doing mass payouts. and we are not able to do anything since we’re only getting 403 forbidden.

Can you please help?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused @neilsteel. We will work with you to whitelist your environment today.

(Spencer Hunter) #5

@Muhammad_Saad_Rashid, We have recently enhanced our border security that may cause challenges to your client or networks. As we work to continually enhance our defenses please contact us directly at support@dwolla.com and we will work with you to whitelist your environment(providing us with your IP address or small range of IPs, as well as your business name). We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

(Dave Stanton) #6

Following up on @Muhammad_Saad_Rashid request to get whitelisted. We sent the requested IP addresses and business name 6 days ago. I just resent the request to support@dwolla.com.