403 Forbidden - The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource error

Hello Dwolla team. We are trying to create an unverified customer in our sandbox setup for send and receive funds. And we are getting “code”:“Forbidden”,“message”:“The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.” error.

Researching in the discussion forum, this may be related to the permission limitation in our sandbox account. We appreciate any help in resolving this. Please let me know what other details you need.


Hi Venkatesh!

That looks like it. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Would you be able to share any Dwolla ID related to your Sandbox account? I can then go in and correct the account settings!

Thanks Shreya. Dwolla sandbox account id is 89ead156-746b-47b7-9404-69c4526c8da1. Is this good enough? Also, is this the only permission issue or how do we find out what level of permission our account has?

And just to make sure, how safe it is to share account details in an open discussion forum like this? Is there a way to mark a post as private or only for Dwolla support team view? Please let me know.

Thanks, Venkatesh!

The appropriate account setting has been turned on for you to be able to test with Verified Customers! You can reach us out with your Sandbox ID to know what account settings you have! By default, all the default account settings are available and all the premium features as mentioned in our Developer docs are turned off.

It is safe to share the Dwolla GUIDs as they don’t contain any PII. We do ask to refrain from sharing your email, ani other type of PII, or your Account’s key and secrets that can be used to access your Dwolla account. In order to send us private messages, you can DM us!

Thanks Shreya. Appreciate your help.

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