404 error from api-sandbox when fetching IAV Token

(PJ Caraher) #1

I am receiving a 404 error when calling the Dwolla Sandbox for an iav-token.

Here is a sample URL:

Note that my Production URL is working.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @pjcaraher, After taking a look at our API request logs I am seeing two things:

  1. it appears that you are passing in Customer IDs for Customers that exist in production. Sandbox and production are two completely separate environments and will have different ids based on the Customers your create in each environment.
  2. A Customer ID you’re passing in for one request doesn’t belong to the same Sandbox account as the access token you’re using to authenticate the request with. In short, you have two different Sandbox accounts and it looks like you’re using different apps to test.

(PJ Caraher) #3

Duh! That was exactly the problem. Thanks for your quick assistance.