About the Funding Sources category

This sub-category is for questions related to funding-sources in Dwolla.

There are three types of funding-sources available in Dwolla,

Bank funding-sources in Dwolla can be verified or 'unverified. A verifiedbank funding-source means that the Account and Routing numbers of the bank account have been verified to belong to a legitimate bank account. Averifiedbank account can send + receive funds, whereas anunverified` funding-source can only receive funds.

There are multiple ways that you can create and verify a funding-source in Dwolla -
-Create an Unverified funding-source using the API
- Create an Unverified funding-source using dwolla.js
- Verifying an Unverified funding-source using microdeposits
- Creating a Verified funding-source using dwolla.js + IAV
- Creating a Verified funding-source via the Dwolla + Plaid integration

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