Access API funding sources quantity

(Vova Eliseev) #1

Hello I’m working in the sandbox with Access API and trying to add funding sources to the customer. I’m using IAV flow and dwolla.js, everything is working correctly, but I mentioned that only 2 funding sources were added. I’m unable to add additional funding source, although I didn’t receive any errors from the API, dwolla.js says that the funding source was successfully added but I don’t see this funding source under the corresponding dashboard section. Does sandbox environment have any limitations for funding sources?


(Stephen Ausman) #2

Hey @vveliseevv,

If you add the same bank twice the IAV flow will fire the success callback with a link to the bank that was already created. The sandbox environment’s IAV uses fake data so I think this is why you aren’t seeing another bank added (the fake backend is returning the same bank that’s already been created).