ACH transfer rejected by ODFI

Hello Everyone,
I have this scenario and desperately need help:
Customer has two bank accounts (BankA, BankB). Customer login to BankB to initiate a “pull” request for transfer money from BankA to BankB. BankA received the request and debit the customer’s account, while this operation is in progress, BankB detects an error and marked BankA as invalid and rejected the transaction. What error code should bankB send? Which bank is responsible for recovering the fund for the customer? Please help!!

Hi @vickick – in this scenario, Bank B will issue an ACH return (likely an R23) which causes the funds to remain in the Customer’s Dwolla Balance once it’s been pulled from Bank A and rejected by Bank B. At that point, you can send the funds back to Bank A, or attempt to transfer the funds again to Bank B after correcting the issue with the bank.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you Shreya. Bank B claimed that it rejected the transfer so the fund never made it to Bank B account. However, Bank B knows the fund is at ACH operator ZZZ, and insisted that Bank A should use R06 to claim the fund. Does this make sense at all? Bank A also claimed that it never received an error message for the rejection from Bank B so it must be a success transfer.

Hey @vickick – how did you create this transfer? Was it done using an app?