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How does a user with a Direct account add a bank with microdeposits rather than entering their bank username and password? Some of my users are uncomfortable with this, but don’t see the option to choose microdeposits.

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Response from Dwolla support via email:


Thank you for your email. Dwolla Direct accounts are very limited, but they have the benefit of being the easiest account to open. When a user opens a Dwolla Direct account, the only info we collect is their email and password for sign-in credentials and the user’s bank account information. That allows a person without a Dwolla account that wants to make a payment on a merchant’s site or accept a payment from another user quickly and easily.

If the user does not want to provide their online banking login credentials they will have to upgrade to a full Dwolla account at and will have the option to connect a funding source with deposit verification.

Let us know if you have questions.

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