Add beneficial owner [404] Error connecting to the API

Hi. I have sandbox customer:

I want to add beneficial owner.
$data = [
‘firstName’ => ‘Jane’,
‘lastName’=> ‘Doe’,
‘dateOfBirth’ => ‘1970-11-30’,
‘ssn’ => ‘123-56-7890’,
‘address’ =>
‘address1’ => ‘123 Main St’,
‘address2’ => ‘Apt 12’,
‘city’ => ‘New York’,
‘stateProvinceRegion’ => ‘NY’,
‘postalCode’ => ‘10005’,
‘country’ => ‘US’

    $customersApi = new CustomersApi($this->apiClient);
    $addOwner = $customersApi->addBeneficialOwner($data, $beneficialOwnerUrl);

But i have error [404] Error connecting to the API (

Can you suggest what is the problem?

Hi @Artem_Polkhovnichenk – it seems to be due to the Account being exempt from needing to add Beneficial Owners. Try creating an LLC type Business to test the Beneficial Owner flow, and let us know if you run into any issues!

Also, could you add the following debug flag add the top of your PHP file where the configuration step is being implemented? This will print out the full stack trace including the API error response.

DwollaSwagger\Configuration::$debug = 1;

Yes, its works. Thank you.
Tell me please how i can change this fields?
business type
business name
business classification

Because i get from dwolla: ,“message”:“Ein cannot be modified.”,“path”:“/ein”,“_links”:{}},{“code”:“ReadOnly”,“message”:“BusinessClassification cannot be modified.”,“path”:“/businessClassification”," etc

And how i can get this data? i don’t see it in:
$customersApi = new CustomersApi($this->apiClient);

One more question: Can I edit fields in the controller (address, date_of_birth etc…)?

And last question: how i can return wrong validation filds? Now i see that only with DwollaSwagger\Configuration::$debug = 1;

Hi @Artem_Polkhovnichenk – this information cannot be updated on an already Verified Business Verified Customer. Check out this table in our docs for information on fields that be updated for the business and the controller.

To update identity verifying information like SSN and DOB, this can only be done if the Customer is in a retry status. If you would like update this information of a verified Customer, Dwolla will need to put the Customer back into retry. All information will have to be collected again, along with the full SSN of the controller. Find the full end-to-end guide here in our docs - Verifying Customer Statuses | Dwolla API Documentation

Any PII related to a Customer is not returned via the API.

You could wrap your call in a try/catch to catch the error response returned by the API. Here’s an example:

    $new_customer = $customersApi->create([
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getResponseBody(), "\n";

thank you