Add new card - issue

I am using Dwolla sandbox account and getting error messages while adding a new debit card. Could you please check the following screenshot which I am getting when I am clicking on the submit button. Sometimes I am getting 401 unauthenticated errors. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Please reply as soon as possible.

Hi @Lalit_Netset – thanks for posting!

This error, though misleading, might be caused due to adding the same card again.

Would you be able to share the Customer Id to which you’re attempting to add a card?

Hello shreya,
I have tested with other card but getting same issue.
Customer id is fb6f4af8-fe68-4ced-843a-59cea5aed7a0 .
Please reply ASAS.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Lalit_Netset – looking at requests to add a Card to that Customer account "fb6f4af8-fe68-4ced-843a-59cea5aed7a0", all requests have the same Card fingerprint, which means the cards numbers used would’ve been the same.

Would you be able to give the following Debit card numbers a try and see if that goes through?

  • Visa - 4111 1111 1111 1111
  • MasterCard - 5555 5555 5555 4444

I have tried both above cards but getting same error. Could you please check below screenshot.

Hi Lalit!

Unfortunately, since the error isn’t being handled correctly, it’s hard to tell what’s causing the error other than when it occurs due to adding the same card again.

I’ll be creating a ticket for our dev team to take a look into why this error occurs and how we can surface a better error response!

Meanwhile, you can continue testing cards with other Customer accounts. If you run into the same issue, please let us know so we can add more examples to the ticket!

Okay Shreya
Thank you. please revert me when you will fix this issue. But i have tried first time to add the new card which you have send to me. But still i am not able to get any response.

Thanks! I will keep you updated!

The other issue might be that you have hit the limit of active cards a Customer can have, which is 2. If that’s the case, I will add that to the ticket as well!

Hi @shreya,
I have tried add new card with new customer but getting same error. Could you please fix this issue ASAP. I have tried master card as well VISA card.

Hello @shreya
I am waiting for your response.

Hi Lalit,

Looks like it’s a different error message this time. Would you be able to share the Customer Id so I can take a deeper look?

Hi @shreya
I forgot that customer id. Now I have created new user and checked again but i am not getting any response.
My customer id is b27fe894-3a71-42fd-bcd7-fbdfc02855c7

Hi Lalit,

For this Customer b27fe894-3a71-42fd-bcd7-fbdfc02855c7 I am not seeing any errors when adding a card. Did you mean you’re not seeing any errors either?

The following Card was added successfully -

Card funding-source Id: 276c6cb5-f089-4edd-918f-d303fddb1329
Last 4: 4242

I will check it again.

But could you please provide us error when card is already added. You are not giving proper message to us. So customer can’t understand what is actually going wrong.