API Endpoint for Transaction Data

I’m wondering what the easiest way to recreate this screen from Dwolla would be.

Currently I am using the transfer search endpoint using the customerID:
But there are a couple issues, many transactions apparently include multiple transfer records so in my app it makes our users think there are duplicate transactions happening. The transfers also don’t easily indicate (as far as I can tell) if they are incoming or outgoing. Before I put the work into inspecting all the transfers and filtering out the ones I don’t want to display etc I wanted to ask if I should be using a different endpoint. If not, my follow up question is how can I accurately do paging/total transaction count for my users? The transfer search returns a ‘total’ property that I use for paging - if I end up having to do client-side filtering to only show ‘non-duplicate’ transactions my paging/record counts will be way off and there isn’t a way to reconcile…

Thoughts? Thanks!

Here is the screen as it exists now in my app:
‘Duplicates’ are circled as well as paging