API v2 Instant Verification

(Jimmy Morgan) #1

If I added a funding source for a customer via API (not instant verification), but then wanted to get the account verified via instant verification. IAV prompts for the user to fill out the account information again, does this create duplicate entries or does it know that the account already exist in an unverified state and updates it to verified?

Also, if a user has multiple bank accounts in the same institution, does instant verification verify all the accounts upon bank login or do they need to verify each one individually? Assuming they were added via API and not instant verification.


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @Jimmy_Morgan, Great questions! See my responses below.

It recognizes that the account already exists in an unverified state and updates the status to verified.

The current flow only allows the user to verify each bank they have individually, therefore they will need to go back through in order to connect another account. (e.g. if they had both a checking and savings) Great feedback though that I’ll be sure to pass along to the Product team!

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Thank you Spencer!

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