API v2: On-demand bank transfers

(Spencer Hunter) #1

Developers using our white label APIs can enable their payers to authorize transfers for variable amounts from their bank account using ACH at a later point in time for products or services delivered. It’s one simple additional step—a quick authorization from the customer when they instantly verify a bank account.

The instant bank verification and on-demand authorization occur within Dwolla.js making it incredibly easy to add to your software. On-demand authorization adds one extra step to the process when verifying the bank account, simply acquire the permission from the account holder.

Once you have collected all of the authorizations required for a bank transfer, including the additional authorization from the Customer for on-demand transfers, you will be able to initiate transfers for variable amounts and dates.

This is an account level setting for a white label partner. When enabled, the end user is presented with text on the bank selection screen within the IAV flow giving authorization to Dwolla for future variable payments. Contact us to enable on-demand bank transfers in your application.

(Nodakjones) #2

I’m getting this message when trying to initiate the approval for on-demand bank transfers: The supplied credentials are not authorized for this resource.

(Spencer Hunter) #3

@nodakjones, We have this on our backlog to globally enable this account level setting in the Sandbox. For production, you’ll need approval from us before enabling this functionality on your account as it is intended to be used with the white label service and interacting with Customers in the API. In the meantime, can you message me the email address of the account you are using in the Sandbox and I’ll get this enabled for you?

(Phil Greenberg) #4

@spencer can we get this enabled for our sandbox account as well please?

(Spencer Hunter) #5

Hi @Phil_Greenberg, This should be globally enabled by default. Please let us know if you have any specific questions on how this works or if you’re running into issues!

(Genaro Legaspi) #6


What part of dwolla.js code that will enable on-demand.

(Spencer Hunter) #7

Hi @Genaro_Legaspi, This feature doesn’t require a specific code change on your end. As referenced above, this will be globally enabled by default in the Sandbox. You should see the language displayed within the IAV flow which prompts to the user to agree to this authorization.