Application OAuth Method

(Adam Esterle) #1

So there is a V1 method for getting an oauth token for an account

$OAuth = new Dwolla\OAuth();
$OAuth->settings->client_id = $apiKey;
$OAuth->settings->client_secret = $apiSecret;

$url = $OAuth->genAuthUrl(“”);

However, there is neither a V1 and a V2 method (to my knowledge) for getting an APPLICATION oauth token.

See my github issue

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Posting my response on this thread for visibility. See below…

OAuth exists on our v1 API, however tokens are shared across both v1 and v2. The dwolla-php SDK is used solely for API v1 and v1 does not have endpoints that require an application access token.

It looks like you’ve opened an issue on dwolla-swagger-php, so we’ll keep that one open for tracking and close this issue. As we progress towards adding support for OAuth on our v2 SDK we’ll update the issue accordingly.

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