Are person-to-person money transfers still possible? How?

(Mike Schmidt) #1

I have a tenant who has paid rent on Dwolla for a couple of years, but they don’t seem to have the option on the screen to do “send” money any more. Does anyone know how to do this? Looks like there have been changes.


Having the exact same issue with my tenants and them trying to send money. It was working great for the better part of two years.

(Dwolla) #3

Hi @Mike_Schmidt & @Rubber_Ducky

In November we announced changes that went into effect on Dec 7 that removed functionality of Dwolla personal accounts. If you’re looking to collect rent payments from a tenant using your existing Dwolla accounts, we recommend looking into JotForm.

JotForm is a simple online form that you can create and direct your tenants to in order to fulfill their rent payment using their existing Dwolla account. We recommend reviewing JotForm’s step-by-step instructions for creating a form to accept Dwolla.

Additionally, you can read about the recent changes to Dwolla personal accounts and what Dwolla’s focus is moving forward on our blog.