Assistance needed Dwolla PHP api.. token goes invalid every 24 hours?

(Dj A) #1

Hello! need some help!

I have implemented Dwolla PHP api and I’ve not been having the best luck.

The token stays good until like 24 hours - then it stops.

The cron job I have set refreshes everything, but I have to “Reauthenticate” the user to keep things alive - otherwise it goes invalid…

Anyone I could pay $ real quick to check this out?

All I am simply doing is sending money every day to a specific Dwolla User.


(Ethan Setnik) #2

I have the same problem. I don’t really understand how server-side applications are supposed to rekey using oauth

(Brian Holub) #3

You should have both an “access_token” and a “refresh_token” returned via the oAuth flow – the “access_token” is used to move money etc. Access tokens only last 1 hour. If you want to make another call more than an hour later, you’ll need to get a new “access_token” using your “refresh_token”. You send in your “refresh_token” and the response will be a whole new set of tokens (both a new access and a new refresh token are included). Then you can use the new access token for up to 1 hour… or if you need to make a call later you’ll need to use that new refresh token to get yet another access token… and so on.

Refresh tokens should last 60 days, but can only be used once… so if you’re making a call once per day, you’ll need to refresh every time to get a new set of tokens before your make your call to move money.

Does that make sense?

(DrewBaker) #4

So is there anyway to do this without the user seeing the Dwolla oAuth landing page?