BadRequest? Is there any bad syntax?

I sent:

Response from sandbox:
{header=null, body={“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“The request body contains bad syntax or is incomplete.”}}

The request URL:
String transferUrl = "

Anyone can help me to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Richard,

Looks like it’s the double quotes in the request-body that is causing the issue. I tried calling the API with the above request, and it worked for me when I changed the quotation marks from “ ” to " ".

It is also best practice to use the the funding-source ID of the accounts when creating transfers, and not the account ID.

Here’s my request-body:

    "amount": {
        "currency": "USD",
        "value": "0.01"
    "_links": {
        "destination": {
            "href": "{{FundingSourceId}}"
        "source": {
            "href": "{{FundingSourceId}}"

Let me know if that works when you try it on your machine.