Best practices recovering from paused webhook subscription


On a webhook subscription being unpaused, will we automatically receive all the events that we missed? If not, I’m curious if the Dwolla team has any advice/best practices related to recovering from the events that were missed.

I am storing all events we have seen from Dwolla in our own db, so my naive approach would be to just paginate through the events api endpoint provided and process any I see that I have no record of in our db. Any advice on how to make this recovery process safe/reliable is appreciated.


Hi @bzswords - when a webhook-subscription is unpaused, we continue sending new webhooks to the URL, but not the ones that we attempted to send when the subscription was paused.

After unpausing a subscription, to replay the webhooks that have been missed, we recommend iterating through your list of webhooks fired for that subscription and retrying webhooks that have failed attempts.

Hope that helps – let us know if you come across any questions!