Best way to transfer over $5000?

It looks like $5000 is a hard limit for a one-time transfer in Dwolla, regardless of how much verification is added for a customer. Firstly, I wanted to confirm that this is indeed true. If not, I’ve had trouble finding any mention of how to do this in the documentation.

The average transfer of funds in the API I’m building will be ~$7000. I want to find the best way to split these > 5000 transfers up into multiple transactions, while keeping the UX clean and minimal on the front-end. I would also like to not be drowning in transfer URLs and webhook events for multiple (connected) transactions.

Should I simply split these transactions up and run them independently? Or does mass payments offer some advantages? Is there another API that can handle transfers > $5000 with less trouble? Any input is appreciated.

Hi @dtj, Increased transaction limits that are greater than what is outlined in our documentation require a further review of your application for approval. At the present time, increased limits are only available to Dwolla customers that are contracted in our Scale pricing tier. That being said, you could look at creating multiple transactions if the number of occurrences is minimal. If this is a common use case, I would recommend reaching out to our Sales team for more information.

Mass Payments is only supported for end-users created as Verified Customers in the API. If these are bank sourced, you could look into creating a single mass payment that contains multiple smaller $ amount transactions.

Awesome, thank you.