Brokerage Pay Commission To Agents In real estate IDX system

I am a web developer and my client has real estate IDX system in the USA. Now My use cases are

  • I have two levels of users (Broker User and Agent User). Now broker user wants to pay commission to agent user on transaction close. So I read the Dwolla API and found there are two types of customers.
    So I can make the Brokerage user (Who pays commission ) as business verified customer and Agent user as the personally verified customer (Who receive a commission ).

  • Now the issues am facing is Business verified customers cant not send more than $10000 in a single transaction. Please confirm what are the alternatives for this?

  • Do you guys know any real estate IDX application with a similar feature so I can see how they implement agent commission using Dwolla?

Any help will be appreciated?

Hi Jinku,

Yes! The alternative would be to have custom transfer limits upon approval from the Dwolla team. You would also have to be in the Scale pricing tier in order to be able to custom limits. Let us know if you’d like to be in contact with our Sales team to discuss about the Scale tier!

Perhaps not entirely the same use case as yours, but here’s a case study we did on one of our Clients who is in the Real Estate industry -

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!