Business customers in whitelabel API

(David Spencer) #1

What is the timeframe for adding business accounts through the whitelabel API? We just the token generator working yesterday and were getting ready to start working on this when we noticed the caveat below under account type. “Eventually” is a quite vague. Thanks.

Request Parameters - verified customer

Parameter Optional? Description
firstName no Customer’s first name.
lastName no Customer’s last name.
email no Customer’s email address.
ipAddress yes Customer’s IP address
type no Must be set to personal. Note: eventually, business will be supported.
address1 no First line of the street address of the customer’s permanent residence
address2 yes Second line of the street address of the customer’s permanent residence
city no City of customer’s peramanent residence
state no Two letter abbreviation of the state in which the customer resides. e.g. NY
postalCode no Postal code of customer’s peramanent residence
dateOfBirth no Customer’s date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD format.
ssn no Last four digits of the customer’s Social Security Number.
phone no Customer’s 10 digit phone number. No hyphens or other separators. e.g. 3334447777

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @pomaking, Very soon! We should be wrapping up work and releasing the API documentation within the next week or two. I will be sure to reply back with any updates. As a side note: keep in mind that white label is a premium product, be sure to contact sales for more information on pricing.

(James Eliason) #3

Hi David, the ability to create business customers is now in the White Label product. Please let us know if you have any questions or contact us. Thanks!