By-pass Sandbox login for processing payments

We wish to demo our prospects how we support ACH payments using Dwolla. For this, we want that we can show our prospects how they can simply process payments using our app.

Right now, after processing payments through dwolla-sandbox, we have to login to the provided sandbox account and accept the payment request there. After that, payments go ahead.

Is there a way of by-passing this manual work with some API endpoint or something?
If I can hit some URL with a post request and login isn’t needed there in sandbox or we have some magic creds which can by pass this login process?

Thanks and excited for a response! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Aikansh_Garg!

There is a way via the API for you to simulate bank transfer processing in Sandbox!

You can call the following endpoint with an empty request-body to trigger the same functionality as hitting the Process Bank Transfers button in the Sandbox Dashboard -


More information on simulating bank transfer processing can be found in our Docs.

Hope that helps!

Hi @shreya!

We tried using this API endpoint but are facing an issue in simulating bank transfers. We have observed that the behaviour of the api is not consistent.

Our use case: Complete the transfer of all the payments in sandbox as soon as(or within 10-20s) they are processed. We don’t want to open sandbox account for this and instead, want to call the endpoint provided by dwolla, from our backend logic.

How we are doing it: We are calling the endpoint maximum of 10 times, in a gap of 2s. But what we have observed is that the response remains same even after making all these calls. At times, all payments are completed instantly from this call but in most cases, it’s taking more time. And we have to make the API call again or use the “Process bank transfers” button in our sandbox account.

Is there some sort of limitation around this API? And is there a full-proof way around to simulate this behaviour?

Any help would be highly appreciated! :smile:


Hi @Aikansh_Garg! I replied to our conversation via direct chat support, but here’s what I wrote for reference! :slight_smile:

The way you’re using the endpoint sounds sufficient. The Process Bank Transfers button calls the same endpoint, so the results should be the same as well. I wonder if you have more than 500 transfers in a batch? Both the button and the endpoint process the last 500 transfers.

Also, processing a Bank to Bank transfer does require the endpoint to be called multiple times. Once to process the Bank to Dwolla Network part of the transfer.
Then again to process the Dwolla Network to Bank part.

Would you be able to try spacing out the calls by 5 seconds instead of 2 and see if that works? Let me know!

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