Can a removed funding source be un removed for a customer

(Ben) #1

When a customer disconnects their bank account from the system we update the funding source with {removed:true} which soft deletes it. If that same customer later tries to reconnect that funding source(ie: using the same routing number and account number) we get a DuplicateResource error. I can’t find anywhere in the api docs where you can un-remove a funding source from a customer. I also can’t find how to hard delete a funding source so it can be re-added.

Are we able to un-remove a funding source or does the entire customer need to be deleted and re-created?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@fiversdeveloper, If you call the API to remove a funding source then it should be able to be re-added back using the same routing and account number. Can you provide the Id for the Customer you’re receiving the DuplicateResource error on and I can take a closer look?