Can Funds return to the source bank account when transfer failed

(Vivekkumar K) #1

Hi everyone,

This is my sceneriao

1.I have created a verified customer with verified funding source,
2.A unverified customer with unverified funding source,

Transfer from verified customer funding source to unverified customer funding source.If the transaction fails,the money will be credited to verified customer dwolla balance according to your document.

But My question, Is there any way that the money can refund back to verified customer bank account rather than his dwolla balance.Without calling another API to transfer money from dwolla balance to funding source.

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Vivekkumar_K, As functionality currently exists, money must revert back to the balance (if available) of the sending party. I believe it was originally designed like this as the balance would be a definitive place for the funds to land in the event of a failure to the destination party. This is great feedback that I will be sure to pass along to our Product team for consideration!

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