Can we transfer funds from a credit card to Dwolla Balance?

We are going to create a wallet in our app and i found most of the features supported there in Dwola.
I found almost functionality that we needed supported through Dwolla,
Ref Links:
Dwolla Balance | Dwolla API Documentation

As per the app requirements we have to transfer funds for both of the sources credit card and account (that’s already been lnked with customer).

  1. can we transfer funds from added credit cards to Dwolla balance?
  2. Can we process the multiple transaction in batch from Dwolla balances or efficient ways to reduce the transaction fees.

Hi @Afshan_Shujat

  1. Credit cards aren’t currently supported in Dwolla. We do have support for Debit cards though. With Debit cards, you can only send funds to a Customer’s attached Debit Card from the Master Account’s Dwolla Balance and not vice versa.

  2. Maybe this information will help in making a decision: Each Bank-to-bank, bank to balance, balance to bank, and balance to card transaction counts as a transfer. If you break up a bank-to-bank transfer by having it first settle in the Balance, then making a withdrawal of the funds, then it will count as two transfers instead of one.
    We recommend utilizing masspayments when creating a batch of multiple payouts. This will create a single debit on the source bank instead of multiple debits for each transfer in the batch. However, I believe it will still count as 10 transactions if there are 10 items in the masspayment. Our Sales team would be the best people to reach out to t see what options you may have in terms of fees and billing.

Hi @shreya, I added card as funding source, and I wanted to transfer funds from debit card to bank but I couldn’t do it as it gave me “Invalid Funding source” error, So I checked few existing post for the same like “"Funding Source" as a concept”,
here, you’ve mentioned that " A bank funding-source which is in a verified state is capable of both receiving and sending funds, whereas a debit card funding-source is only capable of receiving funds."
Does it still holds true that we can’t send funds from debit card but only can receive?

Hi @MayuriAdhikar

Yes, this is correct.

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Okay, Does it applies to Production environment as well?

It does

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Okay, Thanks!! :slight_smile:

@kmoreira is there any workaround for transferring through debit card?

Hi @MayuriAdhikar – I’m afraid there isn’t a workaround for transferring from a Debit Card. We only support Push-To-Card functionality with debit cards.