Cancelling transaction returning 400 status

(Craig Norman) #1

We started noticing that your API is returning 400 bad requests when attempting to cancel a transaction.

We are calling{transfer_id}

“errors”:[{“code”:“NotAllowed”,“message”:“Status not allowed.”,“path”:"/status","_links":{}}]}

This started happening on May 28th and was working before that date. We are cancelling transfers like described here:

(Shreya Thapa) #2

Hi @normrider, I wonder if this transaction has already exported. Transfers are only cancellable before they have been exported at the standard timing of 4pm everyday.

One way to determine if a transfer has been exported or not is to retrieve the transfer via the API, and look for a cancel link in the response body. The presence of the cancel link means that the transfer hasn’t exported, and thus can be cancelled. The absence of the cancel link denotes that the transfer has exported, and cannot be cancelled.

If the transfer has already been exported, the only way to nullify it would be to wait for the funds to clear, and then re-initiate the transfer back to the source. I hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!