Cannot create customer using authorization code auth

I’m facing an issue when I try to create an new customer using API with the authorization code (partner program) auth process (Authorization | Integrations Partner).

When I’m using this auth, I get this error: {“code”:“InvalidScope”,“message”:“Missing or invalid scopes for requested endpoint.”}

The same call but using the client credentials auth work fine (Dwolla API docs).

Any idea to fix that?

Hi @jicihome

I was able to find your sandbox account using the same email address you used for discuss. The partnerships team was then able to clear this up for you. You should be gtg. Let me know if you encounter any other blockers or if we should have looked under a different email

The sandbox account is under this email, but the app (partner account) no.
So actually, the issue is not fixed for this auth. @kmoreira

We would need the correct email in order to fix it

Sent in PM

I really think you don’t understand.
When you use the authorization code WF, the account the user use to log in, can be any account. It’s not related to the partner account. The partner account give an API key and secret and a redirect url. So the user is sent to an authorization page to login and authorize the “partner/app” to log in using your account.AFter, they are sent back to the app using the redirect url.
For example, my sandbox account is on
I can call the root endpoint with this access token and get all the ID. But There’s no ID linked to my partner account because I don’t use this account to log in to your API.

Really, when I say authorization code WF (with the link to the documentation) you don’t seem to know what I’m talking about. You always refer to the client credentials where, for example, the user will need to provide me his API key and Secret to get an access token. This is not needed in authorization code WF. User just login, say yes I give authorization to the app and go back to the redirect url with a CODE. This code is exachanged to get an Access token for this account.

Hi @jicihome – apologies for misunderstanding your questions! We understand that you are using the Integration Partner documentation to create an integration.

Would you be able to share the code that you have in place for the OAuth OpenID flow where you are requesting initial authorization url?

Will do in PM again because of sensitive info

Thanks, @jicihome! Got it – we’ll take a look!

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