Charging facilitator fee when customer makes transfer to master account

I failed to see the fee I sent in the request for a transfer made from an unverified customer to my app’s master account balance being reflected in the transaction. Is this possible? The scenario is my app needs to be the facilitator between two unverified customers and it wants to charge a fee to the sending customer.

Hi @PieOhPah – would you be able to share the transfer ID here for us to take a look? As an aside, I did want to mention that in order to create transfers between two Customers, at least one party needs to be Verified. So, either your sender or receiver needs to be a Verified Customer while the other can remain an Unverified Customer.

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My app mainly deal with two unverified customers, thus all transactions will be going through the app’s master account. However, it appeared to me that when a fee was indicated chargeable to the sending customer, that fee amount was not reflected on my master account.
Provided every payment must go through my master account, it isn’t difficult to programmatically calculate the fee. However, it is more convenient to be able to do this.

I’ve been testing many transactions in the sandbox so it’s a little hard to pinpoint which one exactly since the dashboard doesn’t show the detail of the fee. However, I could verify that a fee from a payment sent from a verified customer directly to another customer was sent to my master account.

Can you at least confirm that in my scenario (unverified -> master account -> unverified), the fee can be charged to the master account via the API?

Ah gotcha! Thanks for explaining the use case.

Yes – in this case, charging a facilitator-fee to the sender should work. The fee should be displayed in the Dashboard under the Transactions tab for your Master account, as well as the Unverified Customer’s transactions tab. Here’s a couple recent screenshots showing what the fee looks like in the Dashboard,

Fee charge displayed on the Master Account's Transactions tab -

Fee charge displayed on the Unverified Customer (sender)'s Transactions tab -

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