Checking account number

(Сергей Кудря) #1

Hi. I need dwolla to checking account number.
The error happens when I input incorrect routing number.
But no errors happends when I input incorrect account number.
Can I checked account number?
Can I get credentials for accaunt number. (for example FirstName and LastName) .In order to compare them with the necessary

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @kudryaserge, The validation we do on the account number field includes checking length and making sure no special characters are input. Beyond that, there isn’t too much validation we can do on that field.

Can you clarify this particular use case and what you’re looking to accomplish?

(Сергей Кудря) #3

I am developing android application.
I want user to type his routing and account number. This is payment destination.
I want application to check validation this data. I need make sure for the user is owner of this account number.