Clarification needed for Controller Object for non-US resident


I am trying to follow along with the documentation here:

It seems for the controller, the stateProvince region and country is mandatory. While the country is a two-digit ISO code, the stateProvince is

Two-letter US state or territory abbreviation code of controller’s physical address. For two-letter abbreviation reference, check out the US Postal Service guide.

Can you tell me a sample payload for a controller outside US? (example India) (can ignore the other dummy values, only postalCode, stateProvince and country to be seen)

:controller => {
  :firstName => 'John',
  :lastName => 'Controller',
  :title => 'CEO',
  :dateOfBirth => '1980-01-31',
  :passport => {
     :number => 'ZA1234'
     :country => 'IN',
  :address => {
    :address1 => '1749 18th st',
    :address2 => 'apt 12',
    :city => 'Des Moines',
    :stateProvinceRegion => ???,  (which stateProvince should be given?)
    :postalCode => ???, (if outside US, example India, postalcode is 6 digits)
    :country => 'IN',

Please help me with this clarification.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi @bistasulove

  • For the two-letter abbreviation of the statProvinceRegion field you can check out this doc for reference -
  • postalCode is an optional field for non-US persons, so it may be omitted.

Here’s an example for a controller whose address is in Andhra Pradesh:

:stateProvinceRegion => 'AP', 
:country => 'IN',
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