Client needs to change account email

(Karin Powell) #1

My client has set up their Dwolla account, but did so with their own email address. It has been a week or two and everything is set up: bank, etc. Now they would like the change the email address on the account.

Can they change the email address attached to the account (the username, basically) through their admin screens?
or do they need to drop the account and open a new one with the new email address?
OR is there another way this can be done by contacting somebody at Dwolla?

(Shea Daniels) #2

Hi @KarinDPowell. Your client can change their email address by logging in here:

(Karin Powell) #3

When I click your link to I am redirected to:

Then, when I login there, I get this screen:

(Shea Daniels) #4

Ah, sorry about that. We’re working on improving our login and onboarding process right now, and this is a side effect. Since you registered using the new flow, it defaulted you to the new login screen.

If you’re able to use an incognito window, you should be able to use the old login screen and get to the settings page. We’ll take a look at fixing the system so that you get redirected back to the right place when you try to go to a page like settings and you’re not logged in.

(Karin Powell) #5

Yep! You’re on to something there. I used a different browser (which is basically the same as what you were pointing out) and got right in to
Thanks! Happy Weekend.

(Akram Hossain) #6

i am dwolla user but by mistake i have put my another mail id on dwolla .but my dwolla account belongs to another mail but i have put my another mail which is not belong to dwolla account .but my mistake , i have withdrawn money from a site with the mail account which is not belong to dwolla account .so ,what should i do now ?? ,can i use my mail id with my account as secondary mail ??