Connect transaction to recurring payment that initiated it

(Jon Renaut) #1

If I create a recurring payment using the V1 API, is there a way to tell from incoming webhooks or otherwise that a particular transaction was one of those recurring payments?

An example - I have a recurring rent payment coming in. I keep a management fee, deduct any expenses, then send the rest to the owner. As far as I can tell, the transaction id for each monthly payment isn’t connected to the original id of the recurring payment. Is there any way to look it up? Provide the original recurring payment ID and get any actual transaction ids?

(Jon Renaut) #2

If I add metadata, like an internal id number, to the recurring payment, will that be returned with the webhook?

(Jon Renaut) #3

In case anyone is interested, the answer is YES. If you schedule a recurring transaction, and include metadata, it will be included in the webhook for the ensuing transactions.

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Sorry for the delay in response @jrenaut! Outside of using unique metadata to identify the scheduled payment as you mentioned, there isn’t an easy way to tie the scheduled/recurring payment to the transaction that is created from the scheduler. A transaction is created from the scheduler and acts like a normal transaction from that point on.

As we look to move scheduled/recurring to our v2 API, this would be easily solved by incorporating a link on the transaction itself that points to the scheduled transaction that created it.

(Jon Renaut) #5

Put me down as a vote for that feature in V2.

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