Connection Failure

(Joe Dev) #1

Seems like we have been getting connection failures in our application a lot more lately. The status site says nothing is going on. Can you guys help me to determine what is happening when I see these?


Unknown host: This is usually a temporary error during hostname resolution and means that the local server did not receive a response from an authoritative server


Connection Failure. Status code unavailable.

Here’s another…


Unknown host:


Connection Failure. Status code unavailable.

Is this issue on our end, or yours? Any help would be appreciated!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@jholst, Do you have any timestamps of when this started occurring and how often? Also, is it only on certain calls to API v1?

(Joe Dev) #3

It is only on API v1, correct. The last time this happened was at 9:42 this morning (CST). I put some more debugging in place to get you an exact timestamp and what call generated the error. I’ll follow up when I know more.

Have you had any other reports about this, or does this error sound familiar at all?

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Sounds good. We don’t see anything on our end that would cause this failure, and we have not received any other reports. I can’t point to a specific thing that could be causing this…possibly an issue with DNS resolution on your end.