Could we get a woocommerce plugin update?

(Go Cart) #1

I am building my website using wordpress and woocommerce and the dwolla payment gateway plugin from

I have most of it working, and have entered the test key i set up at

but when i try to do a test order, I get this error from

{“Result”:“Failure”,“Message”:“Invalid application credentials.”}

what else do I need to do?

I can give more information if needed

(Spencer Hunter) #2

@Go_Cart, Have you modified the existing “dwolla-pmt-g8way” plugin? This plugin looks to be created by a third party a little over 2 years ago and was last reported as not being functional.

To debug the error received: It looks like you are using UAT application credentials here, and from the request url below you are pointing to production. You’ll want to update the request url to point to if you are wanting to test with uat credentials. Otherwise use application credentials(key and secret) from your production application.

As an alternative, there is a working woocommerce extension created by third party developers at SkyVerge here:

(Go Cart) #3

thank you, i changed the plugin to direct to the uat page but I still get the same error message. If i buy the third party plugin, there will be no issue?

{“Result”:“Failure”,“Message”:“Invalid application credentials.”}

*edit: I missed the first part where you said the plugin is not functional. i see now and will get the official woothemes plugin

*edit2: i found a cheaper one, would this fit my needs?

I’m on a really limited budget

(Spencer Hunter) #4

@Go_Cart, As a recommendation, I would reach out to the plugin creator to inquire if support is included in the price of the plugin. Since the plugin is created by a third party developer, we cannot guarantee the full functionality if the plugin.

The plugin you link to looks to be new, so I would recommend reaching out to the creator for more information on what it supports. For example, I would inquire if the plugin supports webhook notifications which are used to notify you of the status of a payment.

(Ben Milne) #5

Additionally, If you post on the github issues tab for the repo we would be able to work with the plugin creator to get the issue resolved -

(Go Cart) #6

I’m honored to have your attention on this guys! I will be going with the woothemes paid plugin to support companies that support dwolla. Thanks for the updates and I hope to be shaking your hand someday for the amazing service you offer :smile:

(syedali) #7

so you know how to update this and fix this error we will collaborate with the admin of this plugin or make new


Is there an active and current Dwolla plug in for WooCommerce? WooCommerce retired their official one last year and is no longer supporting it. I am looking for one that works with WooCommerce and is supported by the developers. Thank you!

(Spencer Hunter) #9

Unfortunately there isn’t an active and updated Dwolla plugin for WooCommerce that can be used to accept payments on your site. Due to the low usage of this integration we don’t have plans to create a new one or update an existing plugin. Apologies for any inconvenience.

(syedali) #10

Hi sorry for late response i am busy with our project i need you guys to solve my problem. can you give me a perfect step by step process how to use dwolla with wordpress or integrate dwolla with wordpress i installed composer on wordpress but having trouble so i need to start again from scratch and do a proper work thanks