Create Bank Account via Server or Dwolla.js

(Adam Esterle) #1

It seems that the API suggests the dwolla.js just helps with security, but is not mandatory?

“When you attach a bank account to a Dwolla account or white label Customer, use dwolla.js and let Dwolla reduce your risk of handling sensitive data.”

Does this mean I can still get the user’s bank info (routing/account/etc) via a form and create it with Dwolla API’s via my server?
Do I need any special security on my server?
What extra liability will I have creating a bank account via my server instead of the Dwolla.js?

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hey @AdamEsterle, Dwolla.js is another option we provide for bank account verification which allows your customers to interact with the Dwolla platform directly thereby limiting the secure channel to be between your customer’s browser and Dwolla. The value is that it removes your application from this information exchange which some customers prefer. It is not mandatory.

Your application can most definitely obtain the user’s information and via our API create the customer record using a secure channel and proper protection of data in-transit and at-rest. As we work with White Label partners, we support the secure integration of our APIs and would be happy to assist in providing best practices for your integration.

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