Create Customer in Sandbox to move money from Customer's bank to Our bank

I signed up for a sandbox account and wanted to test how we can transfer money thru ACH from customer’s bank account to our bank account.

When I setup a new customer, It only gives me the option if creating “receive only” customer. Meaning, I can put money into customer’s bank account but not vice versa.

Can you please help?

Hi @Nithin_Shetty,

In order to create Customers of types other than Receive-only, you’d have to call the API. You can check out out API reference Docs for information creating Customers via the API.

We also have a step-by-step guide for implementing a pay-ins funds flow wherein you onboard Customers and receive funds from their bank accounts to your Master Account.

Let me know if you come across any questions!

Thanks @shreya.

THe link implementing a pay-ins funds flow that you shared is helpful.

Is there any way of testing this without writing code. Any online tools where I can run these API ?

Glad you found it helpful!

Yes! You can test out all of the endpoints in our API via Postman. Check it out here - Using Postman to explore and debug Dwolla's v2 API

Thanks for the info @shreya . Postman info was very helpful.

I was able to add a new verified customer and also added a funding source. THe funding source was also verfied usign micro deposit.

However, when I try to transfer funds out of the customer back into our bank, I get this error.

“code”: “ValidationError”,
“message”: “Validation error(s) present. See embedded errors list for more details.”,
“_embedded”: {
“errors”: [
“code”: “Restricted”,
“message”: “Sender restricted.”,
“path”: “/_links/source/href”,
“_links”: {}

Below is the payload.

“_links”: {
“source”: {
“href”: “
“destination”: {
“href”: “
“amount”: {
“currency”: “USD”,
“value”: “10.00”

@shreya. I found the answer to the question posted above. I had to certify the owner to initial a transfer.

Hey @Nithin_Shetty, thanks for the update! Glad you got it figured out!

Restating what you probably already know, for a Business Verified Customer to be able to send funds, the business, the controller and all the beneficial owners (if any) must be verified and all information certified. The Customer account can still receive funds, but they will remain pending until the account has been verified and certified.

If you come across any further questions, feel free to let us know! We’ll be here to help out!

@shreya Thanks for all your help.