Create Test Transactions

I am wondering how to test transactions with Plaid Link + Dwolla ACH. At the moment I am unable to create test transactions, because Dwolla automatically classifies all Plaid sandbox accounts as Jane Doe’s Checking account which then prohibits Dwolla transactions as Dwolla does not allow the source account and target account to be the same.

Hi @kb3022, I’m assuming you’re looking to test creating a transfer between two banks that are added to a single Verified Customer (i.e. checking to savings)? I believe there are only two different bank accounts that are returned back to us from Plaids Sandbox environment so you should be able to test this flow. In this step of the flow where you send an account_id, there should be separate account ids on the plaid end for checking and for a test savings account. Please let me know if this will work for your test case or if I’m misunderstanding!

Hi Spencer, I’m actually trying to create a transfer between two different customers. I tried using the Savings account as the target account and the Checking Account as the source account, but got the same error message. Also, how do I verified customers in the Sandbox?

Got it. Are you able to provide the value in the X-Request-Id response header on those requests? It may help me get a little more context after digging into our API request logs. Or the source and destination IDs will work as well.

Are you referring to identity verification for your end-users that would be setup as Customers in Dwolla?