Creating a Verified User in Sandbox

My app is attempting to transfer money from a Customers’ account1 to account2. Since the Customer is in “Receive Only” mode, I get an error when attempting to perform the transaction {"code":"Restricted","message":"Account or customer restricted."

I’m also attempting to upgrade the Customer to Verified via API call before I try the transaction, but that seems to be running without error while also not modifying the Customer object.

verifyCustomer: (customerId) => {
var requestBody = {
email: “”,
ipAddress: “”,
address1: “”,
address2: “”,
city: “”,
state: “”,
postalCode: “”,
phone: “”,
firstName: “”,
lastName: “”,
dateOfBirth: “1990-07-11”,
ssn: “202-00-2822”

return Dwolla.getDwolla()
    .post("" + customerId, requestBody)
    .then(res =>;  

Am I missing a step here to get them Verified, so I can continue my test and transfer money?

Edit: I’ve also tried adding type: “personal” to the requestBody, but that throws an error that “type parameter isn’t allowed”

Hey @bluedevil2k it looks like you are attempting to upgrade a Customer from receive-only to verified.
This functionality is not supported at this time.
We would recommend creating an Unverified Customer and then upgrading to Verified, or creating a Verified Customer on onboarding.