Creating Beneficial Owners

I am using dwolla dropins for creating beneficial owners, when I try to initialize, it is working sometimes as intended but sometimes I am getting {“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“The request body contains bad syntax or is incomplete.”}. and in UI - Unexpected Token B at position 0.

Thank You.

@shreya can you help us to check on this. Drop in components giving badrequest response for the access token url after 2-3 hits.

Hi @saikk and @aravind.calimex!

Would you be able to confirm the version of dwolla-web.js you’re using? Is it 2.1.8? Also, would you be able to confirm if you are attempting to add a Beneficial Owner with a passport number instead of a an ssn?

Hi @shreya
dwolla-web.js version is 2.1.8 and we are not able to load the initial page of beneficial owner

@shreya We logged the same issue at Bad request on customer creation? - #6 by shreya, can you please check? Thank you.