Creating customer funding sources in sandbox environment always produces the same funding source ID

(Taylor MacGregor) #1

Hi, I’m creating customer funding sources in the sandbox environment. My problem is, every time I create a funding source for a customer the same ID is produced.

These are the steps that I am following:

  1. Create a funding source for a customer
  2. Delete that funding source
  3. Create another funding source for the same customer using the same routing number, account number, etc.
  4. Same funding source id is returned

is this correct and how it should function?


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Taylor_MacGregor, Although partially quirky, but if you add back the same exact bank account(account number, routing number,etc.) on a Customer then we’ll return the same funding source id if added back within 48 hours (if the bank was unverified within Dwolla).

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