Creating Dwolla-card.js token

I am trying to create a token for Dwolla-card.js so that i can authenticate and able to see the card ui to enter the card details but i am not able to get the token although I followed the documentation also but still getting error “The requested resource was not found.”
Can anyone help me resolving this issue?

Hi @Yash_Gupta,

Are you able to share the Customer ID for which you’re attempting to create a card token?

Hi @shreya ,
Sure this is the Customer ID “d0fd39c5-5c92-4281-98c1-d770d1d3f23c”.
Just for your kind information currently I’m using Dwolla sandbox to create token.
Let me know in case needed any further information.

Hi @Yash_Gupta – could you give that a try again? Push-To-Debit wasn’t enabled for your Sandbox account.