Creating Verified Customer giving "BusinessClassification invalid" message

(Nodakjones) #1

I’m using the white label api to create a verified customer in your sandbox environment. We pulled the list of classifications. We have grabbed multiple classifications from the response and all have given us the error: BusinessClassification invalid. Here is what we are submitting as a test:

:phone=>"(555) 555-5555",
:dateOfBirth=>Mon, 04 Jul 1970,
:businessName=>“Data Imagery”,
:address1=>“602 N. State Street”,


(Spencer Hunter) #2

@nodakjones, It looks like you may be specifying the business classification Id for Non-profit and I believe you’ll want to pass in the specific industry classification id which can be found in the _embedded object. For example, if it’s an educational Non-profit then you’ll pass in the id: 9ed4448c-7d6f-11e3-8ce5-5404a6144203.

        "_links": {
          "self": {
            "href": ""
        "_embedded": {
          "industry-classifications": [
              "id": "9ed4448c-7d6f-11e3-8ce5-5404a6144203",
              "name": "Educational"
              "id": "9ed44487-7d6f-11e3-9419-5404a6144203",
              "name": "Charity"
              "id": "9ed44488-7d6f-11e3-9872-5404a6144203",
              "name": "Political"
              "id": "9ed44489-7d6f-11e3-a09e-5404a6144203",
              "name": "Religious"
              "id": "9ed4448a-7d6f-11e3-a496-5404a6144203",
              "name": "Other"
              "id": "9ed4448b-7d6f-11e3-be19-5404a6144203",
              "name": "Personal"
        "id": "9ed44486-7d6f-11e3-89f8-5404a6144203",
        "name": "Nonprofit"

Also, be sure that phone and dateOfBirth are in the following formats:
“dateOfBirth”: "1980-01-01"
“phone”: “5555555555”

With the exception of those few items, everything else looks good!

(Nodakjones) #3

Oh… yes thank you. That worked!