Customer Migration

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Hello , I am new to this. My company pays users using the v1 Spreadsheet upload feature.
the spreadsheet has the email address and the amount. ( they did a bulk upload)
Now on V2, There is no provision of transferring the amount to an email address. v2 accepts transfer only to a customer Id
Are the customers from v1 will be automatically migrated to v2 ? Is there any way to mapp the customer IDs
Is there any way to fetch all customers ?

I am currently using sandbox now

(Shreya Thapa) #2

Hi @donaldk33, we have answered a similar question in this thread,

Since we are approaching the date (Dec 3rd 2018) on which we will be removing the legacy dashboard, I would recommend contacting our sales team via about migrating your customers to the new API ASAP!

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