Customer Transfer to Dwolla to Master Bank Account

(Victor) #1


I am currently initiating transfer from my customer to my dwolla master bank account.

I have a webhook set up to receive all created transfer actions and completed transfer actions.

I understand multiple actions will and can be sent for transfers.

Basically as of right now I keep track of the initial customer transfer link that is reachable when a transfer is initiated on their behalf. When this happens a customer_transfer_created is sent to my webhook as well as the customer_transfer_completed. However the minute that happens a bank_transfer_created appears and in turn a bank_transfer_completed takes place. HOWEVER as of right now I have not found a way to link the customer_transfer_completed or the initial customer transfer link to a bank_transfer_completed.

Please advise is you can. Thanks!

(Shreya Thapa) #2

Hi @victorthevong, @spencer has answered a similar question in this post - Match transfers ids for customer and bank, webhook responses. In the post, he explains in depth about tying the multiple webhook events related to a transfer.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions!