Customer transfer volume limit as Scale

I am strongly considering using Scale. Can you please explain the transfer volume limit for each customer type at Scale.

Hi @Gaurav_Parmar , are you referring to what the allotted number of transactions you would have available for your application across all users?

My application is in property management space. I wanted to know the allotted size of each transaction. In PayAsYouGo it’s $5000. Whats its value at scale for the unverified users.

Hi @Gaurav_Parmar , For users that don’t go through the identity verification process (what we call “Unverified Customers”), there would be a $5000 per week transaction limit. If an end-user/Customer is a Verified Customer, then transaction limits can be customized to fit your businesses needs. Scale pricing tier is consultative in nature and we work with you to set a limit that makes sense for your application’s use case.