Customer verification timing


I want to ask about the process of verifying personal customers. I’ve read everything under this link:

and have few questions

  1. Is there any other way to verify personal customers than to provide all the information mention here (

  2. Let’s say, my customer will provide all the information for the verification process and submit it. How much time will the verification process take? Can the customer be redirected to eg funding source verification step right after “the customer creation step”?

Let me give you some context for those questions:

  • In my app I want my customers to be able to make transfers for more than 5000$
  • Limit for a personal unverified customer is 5000$ per week and for personal verified customers in still 5000$ but he can make more than one transfer in a week (is this correct?)
  • So I want my customers to be verified but I also want them to be able to make the money transfers as quickly as possible (just for the sake of ux and business requirements)
  • During the customer creation process, the customer provides all the necessary information to be verified (is there any other method to quickly verify the customer?).
  • After this step I want them to add funding-source
  • Let’s say they will choose instant verification of funding source
  • After adding a funding source can they make eg two money transfers for 5000 each? Or they will be able to make just one transfer for 5000 and the second transfer could be made after the personal customer verification process will be completed? I just want to figure out the best strategy to handle this situation.

Hi @Michal_K – I’m afraid providing all of that information is essential in order to verify a Personal Verified Customer through our third party CIP verification provider.

The initial verification process in instantaneous. But whole verification process timing depends on if it’s a happy or unhappy path explained below -

Heppy path:

  1. Accurate Customer information is entered.
  2. Customer is placed into verified status instantly.

Unhappy path:

  1. Inaccurate Customer information is entered.
  2. Customer is placed into retry. Happens instantaneously.
  3. Customer re-enters their information along with the full SSN.
  4. Customer instantly goes into verified status or document status depending on if the information provided was enough to verify the Customer or not.
  5. When in document, personal documents uploaded are reviewed automatically and instantly, whereas business document uploaded with type other are reviewed manually and may take up to 2 days depending on the queue.

In any case, as soon as a Customer account is created, regardless of if the Customer is verified or not, you can start attaching funding-sources to that Customer. Verification of the Customer and the funding-source are separate. However, the Customer still wouldn’t be able to transact unless they’re fully verified.

Thank you so much for your answer, it really helps me out.

The last statement though is not really clear to me:

I was convinced that an unverified customer with a verified funding source can make a transfer to a verified customer with verified funding-source or even to a verified customer with unverified funding-source. Is this correct?

Hi @Michal_K – yes, that’s correct for Senders created as Customers of type "unverified". However, for Customers created with type "verified" (could be personal verified Customer or business verified Customer), they would have to be fully verified with a “status” of verified in order to send funds to other accounts.

Type and Status are different concepts in Dwolla. Here’s a resource on Customer types which can help explain the different types of Customers you can create in Dwolla -

Hope that helps clarify the concept of different customer types, and statuses. ! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you, that was very helpful!

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