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We have a web application and are integrating Dwolla White Label via API v2. We may have instances where a web app user has more than one business. My thought is that we would need to create a Dwolla business customer for each of these business entities tied to the same web app user. One concern we have is that we would need to have a separate email address in order to register each Dwolla customer. Currently we a pulling the email tied to the user from our database, which only stores one email per user account. Ideally, we want to use the same user email address for each Dwolla business customer.

Is there any way around this, or what options do we have?

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You are correct in that you would need to create a Dwolla business customer for each of the business entities as we’d need to do identity vetting on each of these businesses. This is an interesting use case, nonetheless I would recommend creating a different unique email address when creating a separate business Customer account for a single user. i.e. &


@spencer So, create a junk email when registering the other business customers? I suppose this would work. I guess this means that the email address associated with a Dwolla customer may never be needed for anything, like sending the customer and email correct?

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Even though this is required and is treated as unique by Dwolla, with white label you will ultimately be the one managing the communication between you and your Customers to meet notification requirements. Ideally, you’d want to provide accurate details on the Customer that is being created, however this seems like an edge case that we can work with by the described workaround that I mentioned.

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