Debit card to Debit card Transfer

Can we make card to card transfer, I have successfully implemented bank to bank transfer, but Its not clear about how to do a card to card transfer?

Can you please share link of API doc?

Hi @sud

We currently only support a push to debit service where Dwolla clients are able to payout funds from their Dwolla Balance to their end users’ debit cards, but not from card to card.

You can find out more about push to debit here:

Okay, You mean before I need to add balance to my Dwolla balance first, And then make a payment to other customers, who have added card on Dwolla?

My query is if 2 verified customers have added their card details and they are verified. After that how to transfer funds between customer?

Hi @sud,

That is correct – you can only deposit funds into a card from your Master Account’s pre-funded Dwolla Balance.

My query is if 2 verified customers have added their card details and they are verified. After that how to transfer funds between customer?

In this use case, the sender would have to attached their bank funding-source, send funds to the Master Account’s Dwolla Balance, and then create a transfer from the Master Dwolla Balance to the recipient’s card.

@shreya @kmoreira
Hi, We want to use Dwolla for one of our application where user can buy/sell used phones.

Here, we have few question about tranferring money from buyer’s account to seller account.

  1. We want some way to transfer money from buyer account to seller account and we want to deduct fees,
    that should be added to master Dwolla account.
  2. We have found way to transfer moeny from bank account to bank account, but we need some way to
    transfer money from debit card (buyer) to bank account (seller).
  3. Is there any way we can do debit card to debit card transfer? Like if seller has added their debit card and buyer has also added debit card details.

Also, Can you please let us know what is the best way for payment transaction in this type of application using Dwolla?

Hi @sud

Below are the answers to your questions:

  1. For this you can use our facilitator fee feature. You can learn more about the facilitator fee here
  2. There is no way to transfer money from a debit card with us at this time
  3. Unfortunately, no. Currently the only service we provide that involves debit cards is our Push to Debit feature which was shared in a previous response

At Dwolla, we mostly specialize on ACH transfers. So the best routes at this time, based on what you’ve shared could be:

  1. Push to debit
  2. Or possibly Real-time-payments, same-day debit/credit, if what you are focused on is timing as it relates to transfers

Push to debit
Same Day Credit/Debit

@kmoreira @shreya
1.How to add balance to Dwolla wallet using code? Please also provide code document link
2. If user adds card and bank as funding source, How to set any funding source as default one?

Hi @sud

Below are the answers to your questions:

  1. Initiate a transfer from bank to balance
  2. This is something you would have to build out on your end

Hello @kmoreira ,

Can you activate card funding source token for my sandbox account


Hi @sud

I encountered a bug while trying to enable this for you, and have brought it up to the team. While we figure this out, is there a different sandbox account I can try to enable the push to debit functionality for you?


It looks like we’re unable to do this for this account because there were some missing values when the account was initiated. The fields missing are the controller address. You should be able to create those in the dashboard

@kmoreira May I know how can I add that from dashboard ?

Hi @sud, sorry for the confusion, the controller information cannot be updated via the Dashboard. It looks like the best way to get you unblocked is to get you a new Sandbox account. Would you be able to create a new Sandbox account and share with us the email address? You might be able to use the same email address with an alias, like so -