Default Limit on receive only accounts

There is no default transfer limit mentioned in docs for receive only users however on sandbox it’s not letting me transfer $100k to a receive only user, anyway I can check this limit? Thanks!

Hi @ashhadsheikh – there isn’t a way to check the limit via the API or the dashboard at this time, but I check on those limits for you if you have Customer limits in your account!

There is no receiving limit for any Customer type. The InvalidAmount error is probably on the source Customer’s side. The default send limits for the different types of Customers are as follows -

Unverified Customers - $5,000/week
Personal Verified Customers - $5,000/transfer
Business Verified Customers - $10,000/transfer
Dwolla Master Account - $10,000/transfer

Hey Shreya,

Thanks for reply and this is helpful, Is there a way limit can be enhanced for Dwolla Master Account? We have some specific use cases where we want to go as up as $50k per transfer. Thanks!

Hi @ashhadsheikh

We can increase this limit for you in the sandbox for testing. Feel free to share your dwolla sandbox account email with either myself or Shreya, so we can change that for you.

To change this in production, you will have to contact your Dwolla sales rep.

Hey @kmoreira , That would be great if I can have it increased in my sandbox instance here. Once we test the flow on stage we’ll talk to our rep for doing the same for us on prod as well. Thanks so much!

Hi @ashhadsheikh

Your Sandbox Dwolla Master Account has been updated to $50,000/transfer

Appreciate the help here, Thanks!