Delete An customer account

(Vivekkumar K) #1

I have a question regarding how to delete an customer account from dwolla,Is it possible to delete an customer account from dwolla! As in your document there in no API to delete an customer account,
So my sceneriao i have created and account for my user and in future he want to remove his account from dwolla is it possible to remove the account!

(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Vivekkumar_K, As mentioned in the thread below, there is not a way to delete a Customer account. An email address can be updated and the account can be suspended but not deleted.

(Vivekkumar K) #3

How can I suspend customer account if my user don’t want to use dwolla account in future

(Spencer Hunter) #4

Hi @Vivekkumar_K, If you are leveraging our White Label solution, then Customer accounts can be suspended via the API by calling this endpoint and including "status": "suspended" in the body of the request. If you are utilizing our co-branded solution then your customer will want to contact Dwolla support to suspend their Dwolla account.