Developer Guide to Getting Started with dwolla-php

(Daniel Edwards) #1

The support team had referred me here for these questions. I am trying to follow along with these directions on getting started with composer.

After setting up composer, and running the indicated commands… I use the easy “three lines” of code, and run my script (php index.php) to test things out. I get fatal errors complaining that the class could not be found.

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Dwolla’ not found in /SOURCE/


(Spencer Hunter) #2

Hi @Daniel_Edwards, thank you for your post. It looks like that blog post references an old SDK "dwolla-php that was released for our previous v1 API. (we’ll get that updated/removed) I’d recommend taking a look at the quickstart here or using an external PHP REST client(i.e. Guzzle) for making calls to our latest API.

Are you looking to get started with our white labeled Access API?

(Daniel Edwards) #3

Thanks Spencer. This sent me into the correct direction.

We are getting started with white label.

Hope that article gets updated, I enjoyed how easily it read versus the docsv2 quick start. That article also looked like it was ranking really well in the search engines. Regardless, cheers. I’m in business.